Parenting Mediation

A voluntary, confidential, negotiation process that helps spouses or common-law partners to reach an agreement about parenting matters outside of court. Some of the issue that can be determined include child custody, child access parenting plans, and other issues like how to communicate as better co-parents, and how to resolve future disagreements.



Parenting coordination is a post-parenting plan dispute resolution process for individuals experiencing high conflict separation and divorce. In parenting coordination co-parents work with a Parenting Coordinator to resolve day-to-day conflicts about their parenting arrangements or parenting orders as outlined in their court order or separation agreement. If there is a dispute and the co-parents cannot come to a mutual agreement on their own or with the help of the Parenting Coordinator in the mediation phase, the Parenting Coordinator can make final and binding decisions, in the best interest of the children, through Arbitration.



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