About Elizabeth Fabiano

M.C.A., AccFM, Parenting Coordinator​​

Managing The Change from “Parents to Co-Parents​"


Elizabeth Fabiano is a certified specialist in Family Mediation and Parenting Coordination, owning and operating her practice as Ottawa Co-Parenting Solutions. Elizabeth comes to the field of alternative dispute resolution after years of front-line experience working as a criminologist and cognitive behavioral consultant with clients from a number of social service fields, correctional rehabilitation, mental health and addiction services, at-risk youth and vocational rehabilitation.


In her current work as an accredited Family Mediator and Parenting Coordinator, Ms. Fabiano is passionate about working with families experiencing conflict post-separation and divorce to provide mediation and parenting coordination services, parent education coaching, and conflict management to parents as they move through and manage the change “from parents to co-parents”. She is focused on creating an environment that facilitates collaboration and engaged child-focused mediation. 


In addition to providing services as Mediator and Parenting Coordinator, Ms. Fabiano also provides independent 3rd party screening for domestic violence and power imbalances for Family Arbitrators.


Ms. Fabiano is also the Executive Director of PNA Change Consultants Inc., in this capacity, as a highly talented facilitator and trainer, she has provided workshops, training sessions and conference presentations internationally to thousands of individuals. Her professional experience and diverse skill set in developing and implementing successful cognitive motivational programs for rehabilitating juvenile and adult offenders have provided a firm foundation in working with individuals to engage in processes of change. She has educated employees, managers, supervisors, and leaders on the nature of change and the process and methodologies for developing one’s readiness and ability to change.  She also provides training on developing strategies for handling and managing “discord” in the process of change. 


Her academic qualifications include M.A. Criminology from the University of Ottawa and a B.A. Honours Sociology from Queen’s University. Ms. Fabiano is also a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.